Professional Skills

Zyro Wong also possesses skills in organising events of various sizes and natures, of local and international marketing events and campaigns ranging from product launches to corporate events, exhibitions, celebrity endorsement and many others.

  • Customer Focused

    Zyro has the ability to focus on his customers as he makes sure all of the products, and services are focused on actual customer needs. When it comes to giving great customer service, he does research and asks questions. He also builds a rapport with the customers to make them feel valued and that their needs are important.
  • Great Communicator

    Zyro maintains clear lines of communication with his customers via email, phone and through meetings. He also ensures that the messages he sends through website and social-media are clear for all his readers. Also constantly tracks people’s reactions to his message as well as quick to pick up on cues like facial expressions and body language because he knows this is the only feedback that many people will give him. He uses this expertise to tailor his message and adjust his communication style as needed; and places high value on providing effective and authentic communication because he wants to keep an environment of respect and engagement.
  • Up To Date

    Zyro’s ability to connect via social networking represents a key part of his business’s marketing strategy. He is also able to spot new trends and aware of the changes coming in the industry whether with the latest or newest ideas, standards and techniques. And makes it a point to keep up to date on new startups and the advances in technology.
  • Team-Oriented

    Being a CEO, he also has the ability to work both as part of a team and independently. He takes responsibility for every operations in the company and ultimately makes decisions and execute his directives and carry his business to success with his team.
  • Perseverant

    Zyro has the willingness to take risks and is a persevering CEO as he is able to work under pressure.
  • Multi-Tasker

    A known fact about Zyro, is that he has the ability to multi-task, to handle multiple tasks at the same time and stays focused on the most important tasks that need to get done. He plans, coordinates and organizes every task effectively.
  • Creative & Innovative

    He is an innovative and creative thinker and that makes him stand out as he unleashes the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas and implements them. A man who truly exhibits uncanny ability to develop and design products and services.
  • Networker

    Another exceptional skill of Zyro is that, he networks and forges connections which helps him to grow his expertise and multiply his reach. He is a true networker in every sense of the term.
  • Good Organizer

    In addition to that, Zyro is able to draw up a business plan for new venture and executes them effectively. He is adept at seeing the big picture when his clients cannot and teaches new ways to organize life planning and meeting goals. His business journey will not remain the same as his ways are revolutionary for building a great company.


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