Bridgadier General Dato’ Hj Sanusi Junid Bin Hj Samion, Director General of Operations – Air Force; Ministry of Defence Malaysia

“ZW Consultancy Sdn Bhd has a great coordinating team. They effectively communicate brand personality. I always admire their professionalism and commitment in delivering the best solutions in the businesses. They did an outstanding job during the recent collaboration. I have no hesitation in recommending them for future events. They really put a sparkle in the event.”

AmberChiaSupermodel Amber Chia, 
Principal of Amber Chia Academy

“Thank you, ZW Consultancy, for all the support rendered to my academy through your events and branding solutions! Your team is such dynamic and enthusiastic professionals!”

Mr. CT Chew
, General Manager of Able Perfect

“ZW Consultancy undertakes my brand with high integrity. The team is so creative and professional to work with. They provide awesome advice to our company. Thank you ZW Consultancy for your BRANDING solution!”

Mr. SW Wong
, Managing Director of Front Marketing

“I strongly agree with Zyro’s tagline during our first meeting – Branding means branded! This is very true. After engaging ZW Consultancy to revamp our Corporate Identity, our company had transformed to a whole new level. My brand is more reputable and it speaks by itself without even telling.”

Ms. CL Lim
, Senior Trade Marketing Manager of Pokka Corporation

“ZW Consultancy is the right choice! One of the best result oriented Event Company. The branding and marketing strategies had helped our sales growth up to 25% in 2 months. We are happy to work hands on with ZW Consultancy’s team.”

Khor Woh Hock, General Manager, Philip Morris Division, Cambodia

“Being a personal friend of Zyro’s family, I have known him since he was very young. He is a cheerful and energetic young man that makes everyone around him feel comfortable. I believe that his relationship and love for his family was one of his pillars of support and success. And with his humility,sincerity, honesty and integrity as his sold business traits; he will be able to scale to new heights and to the next new level in his career in no time.”